Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Carter Family Fold

I am not qualified for this. . . it is just a fact that we need Stephen Wiley to comment at length on the ol' Fold. But here it is. . . cause what else am I gonna' do.

The roots of contemporary mountain music, bluegrass, country, and to a substantial degree rock and roll are a tangled mess, but most of them at some point or another touch the Carter Family and their Fold in Hiltons, Virginia. I won't go into an enormous amount of detail, besides noting that its the only place in the world were you can be a nose's length away from Johnny Cash's tuxedos and flatfoot six steps later.

The homepage of the Fold is here . . . you're gonna' get the basics there, though you'll never get the gist till you make a visit. I'll also throw in an NPR story (with some samples) and an article by the magazine No Depression as well to fill in the gaps.

If you know some other sites, especially with musical samples, drop us some knowledge.


Wesley B. Boggs said...

One of the many things Southwest Virginians have to be proud of: The Carter Family. Let us not forget the many other native sons and daughters whose music stirs the soul. Check out www.thecrookedroad.org.

SteveLong said...

I have been there many times. I have never failed to be amazed at the quality of the entertainment. It may or may not be the act, but the Fold always makes up the difference. I actually saw Johnny Cash give an impromptu performance there during an intermission. I may have to write a blog about that one.

Anonymous said...

go to smythcountyjam.com
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Anne Gilbert

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