Saturday, May 06, 2006

Wind Farms

This morning the Roanoke Times ran an interesting story about a proposed wind farm in southwest Roanoke County, along the Blue Ridge. The story mentions Poor & Bent Mountains as sites for the towers. Poor Mountain is already decorated with antenna towers from the Roanoke TV and radio stations as well as the ever present cellular tower. Bent Mountain backs up the Blue Ridge Parkway and the valley between the two ridges has become more and more popular for developers. This should be a nice debate to watch unfold if the farm concept looks like it could actually happen.

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Bryan Gatlinburg said...

I am a firm believer in utilizing natural energy sources to free the USA from arab oil. But to put a windfarm next to the Blue Ridge Parkway surely cant be accepted. There must be a mountain ridge somewhere more off the beaten path that would be as viable with out spoiling the beautiful views of the Blue Ridge Mountains!